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Oriana Hospital Implemented Cloud Me Queue Management System

cloudme queue management system

Oriana Hospital Implemented Cloud Me Queue Management System

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We are very happy to share another Cloud Me Queue Management System that could be another milestone in our growth.
Oriana Hospitals and Clinics, Sharjah is a leading private healthcare enterprise in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), renowned for its care and expertise with world-class medical professionals and preventive care programs. Sharjah focuses on providing comprehensive healthcare treatments in a comfortable environment full of warmth and personal care.

When Oriana approached us with this queue management system requirement, we first tried to understand exactly what their requirements were beyond just giving a quick quotation. In the very first discussion with them, we realized the need to establish a department-wise queue system.

And in what was a critical decision, we integrated their queue system with an Emirates ID scanning software we developed. It has made the patient registration process a little easier and flawless. It also helped to minimize their reception tasks. Both the above-mentioned things have helped Oriana Hospital a lot to build good customer relationships. Moreover, we have also set up a special queue system for people coming to take PCR. 

It is a great pleasure to have done a Queue Management System for Oriana Hospital in Sharjah with years of tradition and experience.

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