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We are specialized in Implementing POS, Inventory, and ERP systems in Retail and Wholesale Domain like Restaurant, Supermarket, Department store, Footwear shop, Auto mobile spare parts, Electrical showroom, Stationery, Gift shop, Coffee shops etc & service industries like Gym, Travels, Typing centres, Billiards centre etc. We are dedicated to building a long-term relationship with each customer – a partnership founded on commitment to quality and trust. We believe in providing innovative, competitive and top-quality services to our customers. Our first responsibility is to meet our customers requirements, to implement system on time and within budget.

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CloudMe has been offering custom development of Point of Sale software solutions as well as upgrades to existing POS system software with continued maintenance and support. The company has gained the significant experience and technological expertise necessary to develop complex POS Systems from scratch and to create separate functionality modules such as loyalty programs, inventory, employee management, and even separate applications such as kitchen applications, delivery applications, mobile restaurant applications,report mobile application etc.

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