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erp software for construction business

Construction ERP Software Dubai – UAE

Construction ERP software is a specialised enterprise resource planning system designed specifically for the needs of construction firms. These systems should integrate general contractor and subcontractor management, financial management, construction accounting, payroll, and service operations into a single database.


CloudMesoft Construction ERP, our customized ERP solution built for the construction business, is one of the best contracting ERP Software in Dubai. In the construction business, CloudMe will help you increase efficiency and profitability and make it easier to calculate costs, keep track of projects and create purchase orders, schedules, and all other project-related information.


Our contracting ERP will help you track your resources and plan the production process. The use of materials and flexible project management is very important for a construction company.CloudMe Construction ERP helps you with proper project planning, management efficiency, cost and revenue estimation, data transfer management, and best decision-making.



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Construction ERP Software Features

Expense Analysis

Labour Management

Cost & Budgeting control

Estimation Management

Project Management

Equipment Usage

Check in and out control

Manage Payroll

Work Scheduling

Enquiry Handling

Job Cost Accounting

Stock Control

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Construction ERP Software Dubai-Erp for the construction industry UAE

Total control on your business operations with real time reports

ERPs for construction automate processes, improve project cost control, and reduce IT costs and downtime, allowing you to stay on time and on budget.

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Report Dashboard

Various Helpful Reports like top selling/non-selling, top profit/non- profit items etc

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Auto adjustable

Adjust the view automatically according to devices like mobile, tablet etc.

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Update with new channges

We update according to the new devepments in the world of IT

Accounts Integrated

CloudMe is fully integrated with your back-office  and accounts to create a complete business system which will reduce your costs and improve efficiency

Automated accounts integration

Manage Supplier Outstanding

Manage PDC

Cheque printing

Profit & Loss reports

Balance Sheets

Inventory Control

CloudME software provides a comprehensive solution to your stock control needs, to manage your inventory with precision

Manage Raw materials / ingredients

Manage various production zones

Multiple store within a warehouse

Multiple location stock

Manage Single and Pack Items

Real Time stock with full movement history

Real Time Reports

Report performance of a single branch, a till or even an operator within your business from product performance to footfall in your store.

Group by store, department, categories

Filter by Location, dates within the reports

Export to Excell, PDF and many other formats

Stock Related Reports

Sales /purchase reports

Accounts Reports

Business Intelligence (BI)

Fact is that when it comes to data analysis and data mining, BI is the only product that empowers you to solve your business needs without being forced to use cumbersome and overly complex reporting solutions. We know your time is valuable and our goal has always been to deliver products that address your business needs, increase your productivity and offer that helps in operating a successful retail operation. When it comes to data analysis, an advanced and feature complete pivot table control provides retail organizations unrivaled insights into daily operations.
Retail businesses manage incredible amounts of information - from suppliers to customers to employees to inventory. Every interaction generates a new record, and every new record is an opportunity to learn more about how to make your retail business more efficient and successful.

Measure & Monitor

Construction ERP Software Dubai | UAE| Qatar |Bahrain – The best way to monitor your business is to conduct a quick real time track of your inventory and food costing to identify your best and worst sales. So let the computer do the heavy lifting there. Hence, that’s what we do.

Immediate Insight

Construction ERP  Software Dubai |Qatar | UAE |Bahrain – Enables one to analyse the problems hanging around in business, thereby suggesting the solutions to fix it immediately. Also analyses will give you that advantage and make your business more agile.

Customer Analytics

Construction ERP Software Dubai |UAE | Qatar |Bahrain – You will able to identify your most valuable customers their behaviors and buying preferences. Therefore you can create interactions that resonate with your shoppers via specific meaningful engagement.






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